Month: March 2016

Damage to both fastener and target caused by the impact

These should be avoided. When it comes to red coloring, decorate your home with it. When it comes to your

I told I have post traumatic stress disorder due to the nature

And I’m getting all skeezed out by it. I’m passing up getting laid because this is fucking with my head.

The company is seeking a court injunction ordering Harvard to

All in all though, I think it’s largely because of the internet and fansub groups that anime has become as

Curvy shape matches your body’s contours

She defended his reaction to the allegations in the Times article, saying: “He’s thrown out the old playbook. He hasn’t

I had no condoms, and at that point had never purchased any

Black people will be free. I’ve been locked up (for disturbing the peace in Detroit) and I know you got

Automatic watches can turn clockwise

Each of the dildos has the vibration in them, and there are a total of ten vibrations (3 strictly vibrations,

Just graded its public schools from 0 100

Passive aggressive = blech. This one is honestly just a good rule for healthy communication in general. If you’ve ever

On a trip home from deployment

I don’t usually sweat it when I go in for STD and STI test results. The notable exception being for

Seriously, this scene is thee only time I’ve ever enjoyed

(As a side note, please refrain from calling anyone a whore here. Scarleteen is a safe space and we don’t

I thought that we’d give it a try and I will try more

In other words, instead of framing this as “if you do x I will break up with you dildos,” could